Gestão de Desempenho para Futebolistas


Acting on professional clubs or directing the work for individually athletes, Márcio developed a Performance Management system that meets all the needs related to the requirement of modern footballers.

Even being ahead of projects, Márcio says that never works in isolation: "Since the choice of means and methods seek the integration of the various areas of sports science, which means that the results can be more effective. The collaboration of medical professionals, psychology, statistics, physiology, performance analysis, management, nutrition, and physical therapy, adds positively to the work. "

Another important idea. "There is a misconception that the preparation of athletes whose main point fitness. This is not true. What must occur is the balance between the various factors that qualify competitiveness: technical developments, collective tactical understanding, mental control of individual strategies, self-knowledge and especially the assimilation of football standards required today. Each situation to be implemented should consider the trainability differential of each football player, initial goals and career goals. "

Self-knowledge as the starting point of the work;

Reflection on his Tactics and game model;

Behavioral analysis and targeting;

Control of physiological and mechanical aspects related to performance;

Monitoring of recovery mechanisms after activity;

Recovery of injuries and rehabilitation training;

Planning of the main training loads.

Alexandre Pato, professional football player:

"Thank you for all your dedication at work before my trip to A.C. Milan. I came to the Club fully adapted to the training system. At that time, managed to absorb a little of your experience and keep up today several of his advice."

Lucas Silva, professional football player:

“He was a manager of my consciousness as an athlete. Employed strong training with excellent selection of exercises, philosophies of positivity, management in the preparation of menus, that even made me meet other dishes that were not part of my day, but which I know are important to my development. Gradually I understood what he always argues: ' football goes beyond the pitch"

Vinicius Munhoz, Football coach:

"I can share my vision as a professional of physical preparation in two distinct steps: Before and after working with Professor Márcio Corrêa. We had the opportunity to work together in the lodge and has since spent admiring their professional competence. Always updated and connoisseur of sports training content, knowing apply them always with adequate rationale."

Ruy, professional football player:

"In my 16-year career, it was the best trainer that worked. I believe that the quantification of the job has always been held correctly by the teacher. That job step, felt that the games always well-prepared and recovered training of the week. As teacher: "-the rest is also part of the training." Certainly if we had worked together at the beginning of my professional career, sure it would last. Great professional and even bigger character"

Paulo Capella, University Professor (UFSC - Brazil):

"Márcio is one of these restless people that makes us like the profession of educator who one day we chose. He encourages us to make unprecedented questions regarding established "truths" of football, is a great partner and booster of changes in the thinking of the country's football "

Gilberto, ex-professional football player:

"We worked together in the Grêmio FBPA (Brazil), where I got one of the best periods of field performance. Márcio is a dedicated professional and qualified. Speak with experience and property on their way to work. A friend I made in the middle of work. "